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What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis, is a procedure during which the hypnotist suggests that a subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviour. It is a procedure that helps achieve a heightened response to suggestion and the positive effects of suggestions are due to individuals' focused attention, motivation, imagination and belief or positive expectation. It can be seen as a state of belief instead of a special state of "trance". Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviours or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. It's important to know that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don't lose control over your behaviour. ⚠️Hypnotherapy & Common Misconceptions 1. Hypnosis = Sleep No. Hypnosis does not usually feel like being asleep. In hypnosis you are mentally awake, not unconscious, and usually aware of everything that is said or done. Hypnotist other use the word " SLEEP" as a trigger word to induce hypnosis. This is because of tradition, and because the se of that word has been found to be capable of evoking body's innate relaxation response, not because hypnosis feels like being sleep. When a person is in a very profound state of hypnotic relaxation, they will often reach a certain depth of drowsiness at their mind begins to drift in and out of a sleep-like state. This is perfectly normal; someone can be in hypnosis and feel sleepy at the same time. 2. Hypnosis = Loss of control You will not lose control during hypnosis or a session of hypnotherapy because the truth is that the hypnotherapist doesn't have any control over you. Hypnosis is a collaboration of energy and ideas and you will only ever accept suggestions that are aligned to your own values and beliefs 3. Hypnosis = Revealing secrets This is a common misconception about hypnosis! The fact is that if there's stuff you don't want to reveal then just because you are in hypnosis doesn't mean you will be compel to talk about it. If your unconscious mind makes information or insights known to you then it's your conscious decision whether you want to share those details or not. 4. Hypnosis = Being gullible or stupid Actually, there is strong evidence that suggests that the more intelligent you are, the more suggestible you are and therefore you further increase your success in creating changes using hypnosis. 5. Hypnosis = You can get stuck in hypnosis Just as you cannot get suck in a daydream, in your imagination or in meditation. Given time you will either rouse yourself naturally or drift off to natural sleep; hypnosis is a temporary state of mind. Otherwise we would have piles of people who are "stuck in hypnosis" piled up in a warehouse somewhere. It has never happened.

** Hypnosis has been scientifically proven as a treatment for a great many medical and psychological condition.

** Hypnosis has been used by countless thousands of people over the centuries to help them in dealing with he everyday problems of living, to overcome fears and inhibitions, to develop skills and to cultivate self-esteem and confidence.

💁‍♀️什么是催眠 ? 催眠可以让来访者体验到感官,思维模式,认知甚至行为上面的变化。催眠并不是一种独特的“精神状态”,而是由于来访者自身的专注能力,改变动力,想象力以及正面的期望,进而产生的心理暗示效果。在这种情况下,个案会强烈的接受催眠师的建议,并且依照这些建议产生听觉、视觉、嗅觉、味觉、触觉、感觉等反应,即使这些感官反应和实际的情形有很大的差别,甚至在记忆以及自我的认知方面,也会依照催眠师所给予的建议而改变,而且所有的催眠建议都可以持续到个案从催眠中被唤醒之后,就好像这些催眠建议会重新定义个案对真实世界的感受。 ⚠️很多人认为,催眠有着神秘的力量,它代表着前卫和控制,丧失意识与意志。一说到催眠,大家或许会觉得很神秘很可怕。由于种种原因及催眠的科学普及度不高,一般民众对催眠存在着不同程度的误解和疑问。具体而言,常有以下几个疑问: 1.催眠就是让人快速入睡。 很多人一提到催眠,就会用字面上的意思来进行解读;催眠,不就是让人入眠,催人睡眠吗。这个观点,不但一般人这样想,甚至一些医学界、心理学也常有这样的想法。其实,催眠和睡眠是完全两回事,催眠是一种技术,是为了对催眠者进行催眠治疗,而睡眠是一种休养生息的生命活动。准确地说,在实施催眠过程中,被催眠者大脑一般都比平时更清醒。 2.被催眠过程中会做出违背自己意愿的事情。 在心理咨询中,不少来访者一听,在咨询中可能会采用催眠技术,就担心会暴露自己隐私、当众出丑或做违背自己意愿的事情。一般来说,催眠师在对来访者实施催眠过程中,来访者是不会违背自己的意愿做或说一些事情,更不会受催眠师任意摆布,也不会透漏自己不想说的隐私。除非在潜意识中已经认可催眠师并接受安排,才会做一些事情。 3.催眠会不会有副作用。 催眠术本身并不会造成任何副作用或不良后果。 4.我真的被催眠了吗? 有些人在进行了被催眠过程后,会产生一些疑惑,他们仍然知道/听到周遭的声音,清楚自己自己在干嘛;此时会产生一些疑虑,觉得自己真的被催眠了吗?这个催眠真的有效吗?其实催眠并不是让人陷入无意识的状态,其大脑皮层上任由高度兴奋的部分,反应还是相当灵敏的,可以正常回答催眠师的提问。进入催眠状态,被催眠的来访者意识是很清醒的,内心杂念较少,感觉比平常更加清醒。 5.被催眠后会不会醒不过来? 进入催眠状态后,不少人会全身心放松,可能会回忆起美好的过去,十分希望沉溺其中,不愿意恢复到现实的状之中。事实上,进入催眠状态后,或许你会感觉前所未有的放松、太舒适了,暂时你不愿意醒过来,而不是醒不过来。只要你愿意,催眠状态就会像睡眠一样,会醒过来的。 **催眠已经被科学证实为针对很多医学甚至是心理学病征的其中一项有效疗法。

** 近百年以来,催眠治疗法已经有效地帮助过无数的人们去面对生活上的种种问题,克服内心恐惧感,以及发展个人技能,增加自我价值观和自信心。

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